From: Rick ( Host/Computer: Date: Sun Apr 19 22:54:08 1998 NOT A FRATERNITY.... guys, it is a very good page. I see that you guys show some brotherhood but GAmma Rho Phi Is not really a fraternity in the greek system. I know this because I am on the IFC (Interfraternal Council) of Canada. I have been informed that you have been passing yourselves as a real fraternity to respectable ( and legitamate) soririties. Unfortunately this is an illegal act under the fraternal code of the Order of Omega. I am asking you to please stop spreading this false propaganda before the council takes legal action. I am glad that you have brotherhood and show great persistence in imitating a fraternity. You can find other ways to meet girls. like REALLY joining a fraternity instead of pretending/proving that you are one... best wishes... If you have any questions of starting a REAL fraternity email me back.

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